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Greetings, I'm Alberto, a passionate photographer with a deep appreciation for the art of capturing beauty and harmony through the lens. Let me share my journey and philosophy with you, providing a glimpse into the experiences and techniques that shape my work.

Years of Expertise

With 7 Years of Experience as a Photographer, I've honed my skills to capture moments that resonate with depth and emotion. My primary tools are my trusty Canon 6D Mark II and the versatile Sigma lens 35 mm f1.4, which allow me to create stunning visual stories.

Mastering the Art of Retouching

With a remarkable 17 Years of Experience as a Retoucher, I've adopted a range of non-destructive and reversible techniques. These include the intricate art of Dodge and Burn, Frequency Separation, Layers check (Solarise, Hue, Saturation, and Luminosity), working with adjustment layers, smart objects, smart filters, retouching on separate layers, and precise masking. This expertise ensures that every image I craft maintains its integrity and quality.

A Fusion of Passions

At 36 years old, I hail from the vibrant city of Milan, Italy. My interests span the realms of music, physics, informatics, and the enchanting world of fantasy. The fusion of my scientific curiosity with my artistic sensibilities has led me to a unique form of photography. This style seeks to harmonize the pursuit of beauty, balance, symmetry, and harmony, particularly in nude photography.

Specializing in the Male Form

While my specialization lies in capturing the male form, I'm adept at a wide range of photographic genres. My approach to every photoshoot is deeply rooted in establishing a profound connection with the subject. Communication, music, and creating a comfortable atmosphere are essential elements of my process, especially when delving into the intimate world of nude photography. Trust, delicacy, and commitment are the cornerstones of every session.

Client Satisfaction: My Ultimate Goal

For me, the ultimate goal is client satisfaction. There's nothing more rewarding than seeing a model delighted and fulfilled with the results we've achieved together. Within those two hours of shooting, I have the privilege of getting to know individuals and capturing a piece of their unique story.

Mastery of Light

As a photographer, I am an architect of light. Understanding and manipulating light is at the heart of my craft. In every photo, I meticulously study how light interacts with the subject, customizing it to bring out the best and achieve perfection.

Guidance and Collaboration

I assist my models not only in posing but in positioning themselves within the frame. Collaboration and communication are key to achieving our artistic vision together.

Behind the Lens and in Front

Occasionally, I find joy in stepping to the other side of the lens, allowing myself to be captured in a few frames. This experience helps me understand the emotions and vulnerabilities of being the subject. It enriches my perspective as a photographer, enhancing my ability to connect with and guide my models.

Thank you for considering me as your photographer. I look forward to working with you and creating images that resonate with your unique story and style.

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